Note: This website contains information pertaining to the Spring 2022 Data Science (CDSS) iteration of CS 189.

CS 189 (CDSS) at UC Berkeley

Introduction to Machine Learning

Lectures: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 1-2 pm in Evans 10 (Berkeley Academic Guide page)

Marvin Zhang

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Office Hours: MWF 2-2:30

Week 1 Overview

Welcome and Introduction

Week 2 Overview

Maximum Likelihood Estimation

Week 3 Overview

Linear Regression and MAP Estimation

Week 4 Overview

Logistic Regression and Optimization

Week 5 Overview

Support Vector Machines

Week 6 Overview


Week 7 Overview

Analytical Techniques in ML

Week 8 Overview

Midterm Review

Week 9 Overview

Nearest Neighbors and Decision Trees

Week 10 Overview

Dimensionality Reduction and Clustering

Week 11 Overview

Neural Networks

Week 12 Overview

Convolutional Neural Networks

Week 13 Overview


Week 14 Overview

Special Topics

Lecture Slides and Videos